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  • 1934 – The Electric Welding Institute was founded on initiative of academician Evgeny Oscarovich Paton, headed Institute up to 1953.
  • 1939 – automatic submerged arc welding, welding flux and heads for automatic welding were developed.
  • 1940 –the first monography on automatic submerged arc welding, written by  academician E. O. Paton, was published.
  • 1941 – technology for automatic submerged arc welding of armor steels was developed. This was the beginning of high-speed automatic welding of tanks.
  • 1942 – first in the world the allwelded tank was manufactured using the method of automatic submerged arc welding. Thanks to developed high-speed automatic welding in the period of World War Two USSR manufactured more tanks than all other taken together countries were at war.
  • 1944 – technology for a manufacture of heavy sheet structures by coil rolling method using submerged arc welding was proposed.  Thanks to application of coil rolling method all the oil tanks, destroyed during the World War II, were restored in the shortest time.
  • 1947 – technology of multiarc high-speed welding of large-diameter pipes were developed.
  • 1949 – automatic welding of  vertical and horizontal welds of mantle of the blast furnace were performed by technology, developed in 1948.

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