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Welding and Related Technologies: Present and Future

Press release of the International Conference

The first announcement of the International Conference “Welding and Related Technologies: Present and Future” was launched in early February 2017 to confirm the stakeholders that the long-established scientific event would take place and, in this connection, inviting them to reserve the dates in 2018. The announcement included the Conference key topics which were the following:

  • Technology, materials, equipment for welding and related technologies.
  • Strength of welded structures, theoretical and experimental investigations of stress-strain states and their control.
  • Non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics.
  • Improvement of welded structures, automation of their designing, evaluation and extension of service life.
  • Surface engineering.
  • Welding in medicine, technologies, equipment, nanomaterials and nanotechnologies.
  • Ecological problems in the field of welding production.
  • Special electrometallurgy.
  • Standardization and certification of products of welding manufacturing, training and attestation of specialists.
  • Information technology and welding control systems

q2.lpgThe dates came, and on December 05 and 06, 2018, E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of
Ukraine (PWI) hosted the international Conference “Welding and Related Technologies: Present and Future”. About 250 scientists, researchers, educators, business managers and executives from 15 countries came to Kyiv, Ukraine, to participate in the event.

The local participants and the Conference guests who arrived to Kyiv earlier had a possibility to register the day before, on December 04, when the registration table was open at the PWI premises from 9:00 to 17:00. All the same, the first working day on Wednesday, December 05, started at conference hall “Depo” by the registration process.


The Conference welcome ceremony was preluded with a performance of the classical music orchestra, which is a tradition of the PWI scientific event.

q1Prof. Kuchuk-Yatsenko, member of the Conference Organising Committee, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, PWI First Deputy Director, started the plenary session passing welcome remarks of Prof. Borys Paton, PWI Director, President of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Prof. Anton Naumovets’, First Vice President of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, providing his welcome address, noted the PWI commitments to developing the science of welding and the role of Prof. Borys Paton managing the Ukrainian science for 56 years.

That was a special pleasure for the Conference participants to listen to Dr. Cecile Mayer, CEO of the International Institute of Welding (IIW), who pointed out the importance of cooperation between PWI and IIW.

The welcoming part of the Conference smoothly entered the first plenary session opened by Prof. Borys Paton’s “Present research and developments of E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute in the field of welding and related technolo­gies”.

Split by coffee and lunch breaks, 17 scientific reports were presented by the participants from Austria, Belarus, Canada, China, France, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Turkey, United Kingdom and, which is obvious, Ukraine on the first working day.

q3.jpgThe second working day, Thursday, December 06. The plenary session went on in the conference hall “Depo” . There were 8 plenary reports that day. And in the second half of the day the International Conference moved to the PWI scientific library, in which the poster session was held.  91 in total poster reports were split in the following four thematic sections:

  • Technologies, materials and equipment for welding and related technologies
  • Strength, stress-strain state, NDT, technical diagnostics
  • Surface engineering
  • Ecology, welding in medicine, new materials, qualification, standardization of welding production

That was a more interactive part of the Conference and, as expected, it generated particular interest.

A remarkable element about the Conference programme was the young scientists session, initiated by the PWI Young Scientists Council and hosted on December 06 in an extremely comfortable space at the conference hall “Depot”.

q5.lpgMore than 60 participants of the session from six countries received the welcome remarks from Prof. Leonid Lobanov, PWI Deputy Director, Dr. Cecile Mayer, IIW CEO, Ms. Sylvain Rigollet, Attaché on the Scientific and University Cooperation of the Embassy of France in Ukraine, Prof. Gisele Boiteux, University Claude Bernard Lyon 1, University de Lyon 1, France.

22 scientific reports were delivered during the session working time.

Dr. Illia Klochkov, member of the Conference Organising Committee, PWI Academic Secretary, comments, “The Conference was a real success and showcased everything we are working on at PWI. The centenary celebrations of Acad. Borys Paton and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine consolidated our personnel when preparing for the Conference as the event itself was the result of efforts of both scientific and non-scientific staff.

q6.lpgWe have planned to show and exhibit the electric welding progress for the latest years, its relation to other fields of knowledge, its perspectives and its commitment to solve the societal challenges. And we did it.

The Conferences was also a good chance to express PWI’s objectives in international cooperation, in particular participation in the EU funded scientific programmes, like Horizon 2020, and to attract new partners. The participants from 15 countries came to Kyiv to meet, listen, share and discuss. We stay here behind the Conference with a hope for a follow-up, and I believe the participants went back to their home countries with the same hope. The positive feedbacks which we have already received confirm that we are on the right track.”

As regards the plenary and poster reports, the participants were happy to get them published each in a separate edition in the Conference kit along with different handouts offered by the Organising Committee, sponsors and supporters, including the flyer announcing about the 72 IIW Annual Assembly and International Conference in Bratislava, Slovakia, on 07-12 July 2019.

We would like to round off by the words of Acad. Borys Paton about importance science saying,

“Science has always prepared civilizational turns. And a flow of “intrinsic lifetime” of science depends on forthcoming turns. Sometimes the flows become slower. In that case the situation is more difficult for the scientists. And this is not because it is historically turns out like that, but because development of science becomes more complicated, and it is more difficult to mine the scientific “ore”…Today we have to introduce science both in production and into life itself, and that means that the process is not a smooth one, and, maybe, crushing somebody’s resistance, thus both securing both implementation of scientific and technical ideas and recognition of the role of science itself.”

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